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Benefits of Dancing

✓  Enjoy your Youth by dancing
✓   Look forward to your weekend nights
✓   Make new friends
✓   Dance your stress away
✓   Stay fit while having fun 
✓   Increase confidence and self esteem
✓   Cure boredom & depression✓   Learn a new form of expression
✓   Add a layer to your personality


✓   Private Lessons
✓   Couple Lessons
✓   Group Lessons
✓   Party Dancers to keep your guests dancing

Gift Certificates Available:
✓  Anniversaries
✓  Birthdays
✓  Friendship celebration
✓  Quality time

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Couple dancing Salsa

Our Students

I attended some private classes as a different experience for a beginner. The team was very welcoming and directional. Formal dancing can be daunting, but Latin Beats made me feel very comfortable and taught me confidence...


Our Students

Lobsang has been such an inspiration in learning and living the life of Salsa. It makes a difference when you learn from someone that is truly passionate about what they do. I've gained a new level of confidence with people, business and … (more in google maps)


Our Students

You're in great hands with Lobsang! He is warm and professional. Takes care to make you feel comfortable & builds up your confidence as a dancer. His technique and attention to detail is unparalleled. His astute attention for movement … (More in Google Maps)


Our Students

I have two left feet and thanks to Latin Beats I am finally learning what salsa is all about. Between the group lessons which are fun to meet people that are also learning as I am and private lessons to really work on my foot work it really …  (More in Google Maps)



One Group Class: $20  (1 class)
Both Group Classes: $30  (Salsa & Bachata)

Group Classes

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Salsa  7:15 pm
Bachata 8:30 pm

Contact us to book Private classes

Private Classes for 1 person: $120
Private Classes for 2 person: $60 pp

A dance move called (dip)
Young attractive couple who are students learning Salsa.
Some of our students enjoying and learning in full Bachata class

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Video 1: 7 Benefits of Social Dancing!
Video 2: Other benefits of Social dancing!
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Couple dancing Bachata with a sunset background

Latin Beats

Upbeat Steps, Smooth Patterns & Youthful Energy

Couple dancing Bachata with a sunset background

There is a big parking lot (right pic) diagonally across from the studio (left pic) or you can park on the side of the street. Please don't park behind the building.

Let's Dance!
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